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So they are documenting the nippiness” that is settling in over the Internet as folks like me (and other people not like me) seek to implement their rights. Okay, it isn’t exactly a regulation book, however documents the enforcement of mental property rights on the Web.

However we will be in opposition to little one molesting by wanting the federal government to actually go after and punish little one molesters to the fullest extent of the legislation slightly than seizing domains pointing to tens of 1000’s of websites – most of which had nothing by any means to do with baby molesting.

To identify shortfalls in the provisions of the laws pertaining to the family in Zambia. Unless you’re suggesting that it is okay for law enforcement to finish-run the legislation as long as they have a very good child porn cause to take action. ICE raided an apartment building with eighty four,000 flats and imprisoned EVENYONE for a number of days.

If it have been a sub-area really being run by the domain proprietor, I can see taking it down (again, some due process would have been nice), however this can be a case of a service provider being shut down as a result of some (tiny) % of it’s users have used the service for illicit purposes.

However, late yesterday, Homeland Safety and ICE did formally introduced extra domain seizures , however these had been totally different than the last 4 rounds we have spoken about – which had been a part of “Operation in Our Sites,” and was targeted on IP violations.