PRINCE2 Features for Effective IT Project Management

An action is deemed ‘effective’ when it is able to achieve the results which are intended for and in case project management being ‘effective’ is what helps you survive in the market. Many of the experienced and expert people who are well versed with the IT project domain say that most of the projects are neither delivered on time nor managed well.


You can manage many IT projects effectively with the help of PRINCE2 certification. The guidelines which are essential for individuals or organizations to run the project is given by prince2. It is adaptable to all types of projects as it is extremely flexible, and learning it is also very easy.


PRINCE2 is a framework so flexible that it can be used in all types of projects across many organizations. A successful conclusion to a project is guaranteed to companies if they use it. IT managers dream of it as


The PRINCE2 Framework has 4 key elements around which it revolves:

  • Principles
  • Themes
  • Processes
  • Project environment


All these elements have massive individual effects on the effectiveness of managing a project.


There are 7 effective principles that govern PRINCE2. They are:

  1. The justification of business continues.
  2. The experience becomes your teacher.
  3. Responsibilities and roles become defined to you.
  4. Stage-wise management.
  5. Exception-wise management. 
  6. Maintaining the product focus


Everything should support the project environment.

If a strong foundation has to be set for the execution of a project, then these principles should be followed. The project objectives for various stages of work are defined by which of these principles. It helps in measuring tracking and following the on-going processes of the plan which define the project. The knowledge of measurable things being correctable than abstract thoughts is a statement which is very important for effective project management.


Communication and clarity in the understanding of responsibilities and roles are the two major factors that have the ability to either make or break any project. Communication must be easy is what PRINCE2 principle said, as vocabulary in use is the same all over the team. This adds effectiveness to the communication procedure. When you learn from your experience, you get the tactical advantage of being able to build better communication.


Clear identification of responsibilities and roles is made. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings have no chance of being created. This is one of the great boosts for any ongoing project.


All seven principles hold the ground on helping the people who are associated with the project as people are the most valuable aspect of a project. Effective project management is ensured if these principles are taken into account.



There are 7 themes, similar to that of principles which are:

  1. Business case
  2. Quality
  3. Organization
  4. Risk
  5. Plans
  6. Progress
  7. Change

The theme is set forth on the concept of clarity in expectations as they provide a clear outline of the things that are needed to be done to complete the life cycle of the project in a better way. This is also a significant step in keeping effective project management in the account.

Great care should be taken in of three factors in the project. Those factors are change, risk, and quality. This is because problems caused in any of these factors would lead to delay in the time of delivery and confusion among 3 numbers, which would ultimately result in the decline off the client satisfaction.



Like Themes and principles, it also has 7 processes which are:

  1. Starting a project
  2. Direction to a project
  3. Initiation of the project
  4. Control over stages
  5. Product delivery management
  6. Stage boundary management
  7. Project closure


These are the processes followed throughout the life cycle of any project. Each of these processes involves responsibilities, activities, and outcomes.


The easiest of all the steps to start something. Rest all the stages that succeed, these stages subsequently only serve the purpose of measuring, maintaining, monitoring, and bringing forth a successful conclusion to the project. These processes ensure regular checking and timely correction at each step of the project.


The force of all these three factors acting together make the management of the project easier, better, and helps to map every single minute detail of the project. It ensures correction, assessment, quick recalling, compiling lessons, and closing the project properly.


Knowing all these advantages, you must know that it is never too late to adopt PRINCE2 for your IT management. Do give it a try to see the growth in your business.