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They shut down an entire service provider, including a ENORMOUS amount of ENTIRELY LEGAL and TOTALLY UNRELATED sites as a result of one of those sites was internet hosting CP. If they are, ICE turned back on all of the sites – does that not sound like admitting a mistake. ICE is “protecting the youngsters” from being exposed to Wikileaks.

So long as their are companies like , the folks attempting to cover will be capable to preserve shifting around and maintain making an attempt. Then, they launched all of the people (did they still have a number of the sites offline at the end of this?). So folks should stop use “shield the kids” for motive to help area title seizure.

Finish outcome: People shut up, they’re too afraid to take sides and develop into much easier to manipulate. 5) Get rapid response since the baby porn is definitely still there and have proof of it as a result of the idiot is working a server off that IP. I really do hope the homeowners of the web pages involved sue not solely ICE, but additionally the people concerned in such reckless political grandstanding.

So, as a substitute, they price the location proprietor a few dollars to register a new domain with a registrar outside of the US government reach. There may be little that anyone can say that may justify slowing down any a part of a course of that makes baby porn more durable to seek out, harder to share, and so on.

If it have been a sub-domain truly being run by the area proprietor, I can see taking it down (again, some due process would have been nice), however this can be a case of a service provider being shut down because some (tiny) percent of it’s users have used the service for illicit functions.