5 tips To Clear the AWS Solutions Architect Associates Certification

AWS Solutions Architect Associates Certification is the essential certificate in AWS, which helps the person master key AWS architectural principles as well as services. Any AWS solutions architect course helps people have a successful career ahead by training them with crucial elements like IAM, EC2, VPC and EBS. The exam of this certification needs you to learn 70 cloud computing services associated with the AWS in details. It helps people in designing and planning using these 70 cloud computing services effectively in an effort to scale AWS more efficiently. However, there are some very useful tips which might help you in cracking this very useful certification exam.

  1. Option elimination technique:

This process is not constricted to the AWS Solutions Architect Associates examination only but, to every professional examination in general. It is the process of eliminating the two irrelevant options in any question through the comprehensive thinking process. This is very effective as if you are able to remove to wrong options from the 4 given options; you have more chances of selecting the right option after that as the rate of success in marking the correct answer increases drastically from 25% to 50%, which makes the rate of success double. This identification procedure to eliminate the irrelevant answer components is by linking them with the keywords of any questions. It’s quite simple. If an option isn’t relevant to the keyword of the question, it isn’t the answer most likely.

  1. An intricate study of request applications:

This intricate study of breaking applications into smaller individual components is referred to as a distributed system. These small components maintain a proper communicative linkage between their working procedures to efficiently handle specific data-centric requests. Decoupling is the process that AWS undergoes during the distributed system. It is quite essential for an aspiring AWS solutions architect to know the role each individual AWS service plays as well as the result of their con-working so that their role under the system ecosystem can be understood.

  1. The essential topic for the examination:

The examination has most of its questions related to one particular topic. This topic is VPC. Virtual Private Cloud or VPC is one of the essential components of AWS as four of every ten customers look for a personal cloud. Learning VPC enables you to understand the limitations of uploading service on private as well as a public subnet. A comparative analysis of the purposes they solve individually would lead to the identification of limitations. The VPC majorly raises a question regarding the use of system architecture to allow efficient and safe communication.

  1. Effective and efficient storage solution identification:

Storage is a problem in cloud databases. It is very important to choose the right storage type for the type of files that are to be uploaded on it. This exam goes hard on the minds of the examinee to dive into the depths of storage system understanding. Hence, the people planning to crack this exam need to be well versed with the types …