Basic work through on backlinks

Backlinks are a great way for websites to rank higher. However, only associated with trusted websites are beneficial while those from untrusted ones can hamper the rankings. You can either choose an SEO company or trust us. We are going to take you through the details of the backlinks.

How linking benefits SEO

Where there is an association between your site and a trustworthy site using a backlink, your site also becomes trustworthy to the search engines. Backlinks from a valuable website make provide credibility to your website which the SEO notices and believes that your website is valuable to the users. When you continue doing the same over a long period and create a good profile of your backlinks, the rankings of your website will keep on improving as it proves you to be an authority to the search engines.

Introduction to Bad Backlink

A backlink is said to be of bad quality when it comes from a website that is not trusty worthy. Bad backlinks are taken down by the Penguin algorithm of Google. Before this algorithm, there were a lot of websites that were using black hat SEO to violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines. To get a higher rank for the website, many people would pay for the links which provided an unfair advantage. After the application of the Penguin algorithm, a website using such techniques for their links were penalized.

Finding Bad Backlinks

There are a lot of ways in which these spam backlinks can be identified. There are numerous resources through which you can spot such spammy backlinks. One of the most common tools is the Google Search Console. It is completely free and provides you a list of the websites which link to your site. In most cases, these links are beneficial for your SEO and are mostly from social media. But among all these links could be those links that aren’t from trusted websites that are damaging your SEO which can be correctly identified by an SEO company.

Using the backlinks, you can easily identify the type of website. Such websites are generally full of hundreds of links that look very low quality. Such websites are better to avoid.

Removing Bad Backlinks

Firstly, make a lof of all those low-quality websites which you don’t want to associate with. You can use the Google Search Console to get rid of the spammy links. It might take a couple of times to be removed. However, your website will be better trusted and ranked by search engines.


Backlinks can be very useful if the proper opportunity is seized. An SEO company will be able to make good use of this. Removing bad backlinks can only make it better.