I Made The Regulation Books! (Sort Of)

The article gives the impression in a couple of locations that itself was seized – that didn’t happen, just one of the multitude of domains it provides DNS providers for. They put up notices that their associates, coworkers, and household might see saying that THEY have been child pornographers.

If the seizure solely works on DNS degree, and also you’re real “goal” who really wish to go to those web site, you’d simply need to put the site’s IP to your native “hosts” file (I imagine those used to go to wites which knowingly enable hosting such content have already completed so. Even those who does not know sufficient to do that would likely to get instruction from different users on the location.) to continue go to the “focused content”.

When you’d seemed yesterday, the Google cache of a bunch of mooo subdomains had the ICE seizure graphic on. Bypassing due course of, applying punishment previous to a conviction together with potential Constitutional conflicts regarding speech are STILL unacceptable, even when concentrating on youngster porn IMHO.

So, as an alternative, they value the location owner a few dollars to register a new domain with a registrar outside of the US authorities reach. There may be little that anyone can say that can justify slowing down any part of a course of that makes child porn more durable to seek out, harder to share, and so on.

To establish how the on-going reform processes may be utilized and maximized to develop satisfactory household regulation for Zambia. Yes, Homeland Security is pulling out the previous “shield the children!” line to defend area seizures. They are NOT defending any children by taking websites offline.